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Creative Writing Competition

Yesterday (31st May 2020) we had an amazing day celebrating the Cheetham Cultural Festival's Virtual Spring Fling. On behalf of Rev. Sarah and the whole team at Churches in Cheetham & Crumpsall, thank you to everybody involved in making it happen.

As part of Churches in Cheetham & Crumpsall's effort in the Virtual Spring Fling, we are running a Creative Writing Competition. We are giving you 3 'prompts' and you need to write a short story (1-2 pages long) starting with one of those 3 prompts. There are 2 categories over & under 16. You then have until 24th June 2020 to submit your story to Each entry will be judged by: Rev. Sarah Fletcher, Community Worker Aaron Fletcher and local writers Jennifer Banks & Hannah Kate.

What are the prompts?

1) Goldstone Park (better known as Pigeon Park) has NO Pigeons left. Why?

2) Aliens have come down to Cheetham Hill and ask you for a tour. What happens?

3) The year 2050 (30 years time). What will Cheetham Hill look like?

What are the prizes?

The winners of each of the 3 categories will have their stories turned into an e-book AND an audio book that will be published on the Churches in Cheetham and Crumpsall & the Cheetham Cultural Festival website. AND an arts & crafts goodie pack.

How do I submit?

Submitting is really easy. You can either write your story onto your computer and send us a copy, or write it down and send us a picture (make sure your hand-writing is nice and neat!).

To send it in, e-mail with a copy of your story, your name, age, contact details and your permission to use the story on our website. If the entrant is under-16, then please get the legal guardian's explicit permission.


So, do you fancy yourself as a writer? Do you want to turn your own work into an e-book or an audio book? Then go ahead. We're really excited to read your stories.

If you need any support or would like further information, e-mail

Watch Rev. Sarah's announcement during the festival on YouTube:

Submissions made AFTER 24th June will not be counted.*

If we cannot contact the winner within 2 days of choosing, we reserve the right to hand the prizes to another entrant.*

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